1. Joseph James

Joseph has an affinity for science and mystery. Plus a secret thirst for adventure. He is a Psychometrist, meaning he's psychic by the touch. Anything he touches he can see a past or present event. This is called scrying. He later he discovers he can Astral Project an a few other talents. He is known as the "Angry Man". Very emotion in that sense. That does not mean his isn't caring, warm and good to his friends and family. Joseph is a Dr. Who style adventurer. He reluctantly becomes one of earth's protectors. With his unique team "The James Foundation" the earth is in good hands.


2. Ky-ta of Dzondarr

Ky-ta is a top scientist and designer on her home Planet of Dzondarr. After leading many missions she was sent to the labs. This boring post did not sit well with her. She soon found herself back in action. When Ky-ta came to earth almost ten years prior she was captured by Mordax of Doku-Eluvia. He removed her memory then tried to execute her. She was later rescued by, Joseph James. Using a dangerous scry technique, he restores her memory. When Ky-ta returns to her father, Xenos, she tells him all about Joseph. With that they use Joseph in the "Cygni Project". Ky-ta is a serious character. She keeps her emotions in check. They are present, but only come out when needed. She knows when to be tender and when to be tough. This brings out the best in everyone around her.



3. Cassandra "Cassie" Vaughn

Cassie is a beautiful earth girl who lives across the street from Joseph. Cassie has a very strained relationship with both of her parents. So she sometime sees Joseph as a temporary parent. She is very intelligent and courageous. She attends college during her senior year of high school. Despite her small size and feminine appearance, she is a highly qualified adventurer. After their first encounter with Mordax, Cassie wants even more alien adventures to come her way.


4. Jov'n

Jov'n is an all-purpose android from Dzondarr. Jov'n has a plethora of knowledge in many areas. That makes him the best "man" to take on any mission. Like many automatons, Jov'n possesses incredible strength, speed and agility. In addition to the standard features, he also has a force field. Plus, he can absorb matter into his hands, convert it to energy. Then fires it out of his forehead. Jov'n was once sent to earth to study it. He was given a more human appearance for his mission. Mordax tried to use Jov'n to conquer earth. In the final hour Jov'n saves the earth. Then helps put Mordax away. Jov'n chooses to keep his human form as constant reminder.  Jov'n is a cross between Kryten from "Red Dwarf", Robbie from "Forbidden Planet" and Gort from "The Day the Earth Stood Still".


5. Izu

She is an android doctor. The Izu was once a computer program on every ship that went on deep space voyages. She consisted of a large bank of medical knowledge. Her only presence was a pleasant disembodied voice. When Dzondarians went on more landing missions they needed something more mobile. That led to the Izu android program. The Izu program was transferred into a humanoid form. Izu was designed be more real. She "feels" in many ways. The prototype Izu noticed no one treated her the same after she became an android. Meaning, they stop thinking of her as the "go to person". With that Izu only treated Cygni exclusively.


6. Cygni James

Cygni is a hybrid clone of both Joseph and Ky-ta. She was designed to the first liaison of earth and Dzondarr. Xenos couldn't find two qualifying candidates to finalize the experiment. It was when Ky-ta returned from being Mordax's prisoner that the human candidate was found. Joseph's special talents would help Cygni excel to an even greater level. Ky-ta made herself the Dzondarian candidate. Their DNA was removed, spliced and metamorphosed. With that, Cygni was born. Part human, part Dzondarian. Cygni is more advanced than other children. However, she's still a kid in many ways. She is way more emotional than her "mother". Although, the adults hate to take her on missions. She can carry her weight. Most of all, she never gets in the way.

 7. Ur-za of S'Lisar

Ur-za is the beautiful blue skinned cybernetisis from the planet S'Lisar. She specializes in Artificial Intelligence. From interactive computers, to androids and robots. Ur-za created Izu as a computer program. When Izu was needed for more mobile tasks, Ur-za built her an android body. She was meant to have a universal humanoid look. That's what Ur-za gave her. Ur-za is a very mysterious character. A lot has to be told about her. She has a shocking family history that will develop. Joseph will later make a decision that will anger Ur-za. These bitter feelings for Joseph will go on for a time.

8. First Umbor T'rbaar

T'rbaar is the leader of the Dzondarian people. She is like their queen, but an Umbor is elected. She is understanding and fair to all her people and others. She is also a firm leader that stands by the codes of Dzondarr. T'rbaar allows Ky-ta to return to earth and form a science investigation team. The team would monitor earth and report back to her on Dzondarr. When her term of Umbor ends, T'rbaar will head the Infinity Station. This is space station used to educate students from many different worlds.

9. Xenos of Dzondarr

Xenos is a highly established and respected scientist on Dzondarr. He now specializes in Genetics and off world studies. Xenos is a former member of the Dzondarr Military. He spent most of his career building weapons for wartime. After he married his wife Spyca, he chose to build and look for life. Rather than destroy it. When earth was discovered, he and many other Dzondarians wanted a peaceful coexistence with it. He believed earthians and Dzondarians needed a proper representative. Someone of both worlds. Thus he started "The Cygni Project". A Human/Dzondarian hybrid to represent both planets with honest intentions. The "parents" were his own daughter Ky-ta and Joseph James. Although the project was a scientific success, Cygni's growth is still in development. Xenos is a strong character. He has a lot of presence while on screen. He is clearly a father, a leader and at the top of his game.

10. Fallox of Doku-Eluvia

Fallox is a spit and polish lieutenant from the Eluvia Military. He's very by the book. Fallox is an outstanding pilot with knowledge of many ships. He was sent to help Ky-ta rescue Cygni.

11. Mordax of Doku-Eluvia

Mordax is a former leader on his home world of Eluvia. When peace was needed, between Eluvia and the Dzondarians, he objected. When, both planets want to create a friendly relationship with earth, Mordax said, NO! He was later removed from power. Mordax went into the shadows. He rose again with an army of machines and weapons. He made a plan to capture Ky-ta and was successful. He stole all of her knowledge on the "phase" ships. Ships that can become intangible and pass through solid matter. Plus, the early theories on the "Cygni Project". He later kidnapped Cygni and used her to power his machine that controls others with thought.

12. An-gz of Dzondarr

An-gz is a full blue blooded Dzondarian minor. She's one of Cygni's closest friends. Currently a student at Dzondarr's Interplanetary Academy of Learning.

13. The Eluvian Spy

When Mordax was removed from power years ago he had a few supporters. This man was one of them. Despite being an evil ruthless tyrant, Mordax supporters are loyal to the death. When the Eluvian/Dzondarian conflict ended some Eluvians were invited to reside on Dzondarr. This Eluvian was one of Mordax's eyes. Like Mordax he longs for the days when Doku-Eluvia had total dominion.

14. Jesse Vaughn

Cassie's Psychometric Cybernetic Sister. Jesse debuts in the third UFAC Feature Film. Additional information on Jesse to be announced.

15. Izu Mark II

This was a new Izu android. She was designed to be a biochemical weapon. She can scan any organic target. Then calculate a chemical compound that would destroy the target. Additional information on Izu Mark II to be announced.

16. The Ast'rions

These robot soldiers originated on the Planet Doku-Eluvia. They were used heavily during the Dzondarr/Eluvia Wars. When the conflict ended, many Ast'rions wanted independence and left Eluvia. The Ast'rions who stayed remained loyal to Mordax. For a thorough breakdown of The Ast'rions, click the picture.