1. Mike E. Pringle

Actor/Comedian/Writer/UFAC Creator

I started my career in 1989 as an actor and stand-up comedian. I was inspired by the legendary science fiction series "Doctor Who". I thoroughly enjoyed The Doctor when I was gowning up. I always wanted to do a series of a similar theme. I also idolized Lou Scheimer co-founder of Filmation Studios. Filmation dominated Saturday Mornings with great live action shows like "Space Academy" "Jason of Star Command", "Shazam!", "Isis" and the original "Ghostbusters". Not to mention classic animated shows like "Fat Albert" and "He-Man". I hope UFAC and all my works will educate, inspire and entertain as well as Filmation did.

2. Jim Panetta

Cinematographer/Editor/Producer /Special Effects

Jim is another OMG (One Man Gang) He supervised filming on the set. Jim also handled the special effects and editing. Jim has two of his movies in world wide distribution. "Merc Force" and "Death From Beyond". DFB is apart of the six movie set "Everlasting Evils". Jim has worked on several films in the special effects department. Including Sakima Pictures' two soon-to-be released films, "2 in -3 Out" and "The Arp".



3. Chris Ryons


Chris got his start in the biz in the music industry. His music experience shows in his remarkable sense of timing. Chris is also working on his own series called "Fighter's High"


4. Lee Simms

Special Effects Make-up Artist

Lee specializes in prosthetic make-up, foamed gelatin, severed body parts and the airbrush. She's worked on the indie movies "Out of Control", "Monkey Paw" and "With Honors". Lee currently works regularly with Gary Miller and Jen Murphy at RDS Productions. They've produced the short "Another Drop of Blood" and the recently released "Wet Kiss".  Ikuzo and Who Survives were very fortunate to get someone like Lee.


5. Stacia

Hair and Make-up Artist

Stacia has worked on countless independent and major productions. Her resume includes "The Hurricane", "Shadowboxer", "The Discovery Channel", "Law & Order: SVU" and "Hack". Just to name a few. Ikuzo and Who Survives were honored to have Stacia on board.


6. Billy Reiter

3D Animator

Billy has over ten years of experience using various program needed to create 2D and 3D formats. Such as 3D Studio Max, Flash and Final Cut Pro. Billy animated The Brute, Fighter, Gunner and Runner Ast'rions. To see more of Billy's work visit his site,



7. James Hopkins

3D Animator

Another talented animator with knowledge in 3D Studio Max, Flash, Final Cut Pro etc. James has a goal to work for a company doing animation. Then he can use his creative abilities and people skills to develop new and interesting concepts. James animated the Imperial Ast'rions and a second heavy gunner. For a gallery of James' works visit his site&ldots;



8. Evelyn Voura

Second Reader/Writer 

Evelyn was generous with her time and knowledge to step in as "Second Reader".  She now reviews every new UFAC I spit out. After the written episodes get that EV Touch, they really shine.  I'm sure Evelyn is keeping her ink wet to write a few UFAC stories of her own!