Gary Gustin

Starred as Mordax of Doku-Eluvia. Gary’s has skills of solid steel an a heart of gold. 

The official web site of animator James Hopkins.

The Internet Movie Data Base

One of the most extensive movie encyclopedias.

Ikuzo Studios

Our production house with an affinity for action, anime and sci-fi.

The official web site of Guess Who?

The official web site of animator Billy Reiter.

Step II Dance Center.

The official web site of one the best dance schools around.

Suzi Lorraine

She's a great actress and beautiful model. Recently Suzi  was in the feature "Music and Lyrics". Also the Daytime Soap "As The World Turns".

*mini fact: drawing by James N. Panetta*

Visit the home of Who Survives' newest ally, Mr. John Orrichio. It will be a thrill working with Johnny O in 2008. He makes movies that people want to see.

Evelyn Voura

The online resume of our First Umbor

Mala Wright

Actress, Singer,Composer, Journalist, TV producer an OH, you name it. She's gets an OMG award for doing it all. Mala is also composing the new theme song for UFAC & Merc Force. Be sure to look for her show "Kaleidoscope"

You Film & Sakima Pictures owned and operated by Kim & Sam Ung. Their last project "Destiny" is a MUST see film. It will take your mind and emotions on a roller coaster ride. I'm very proud to be apart of their films,

"2 in 3 Out" and “The Arp”