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Left: The First UFAC Teaser Poster.  

Right: "UFAC: Infinite Possibilities".

Left & Right:  For "UFAC: Backstage Nightmare".

Promo poster for "UFAC: Crossing Destiny".

Guest starring Debbie D as Destiny - The Vampire Mermaid!

Visit Dzondarr!

A clip from "UFAC: We Meet Again". Shown at the Down with the Boogey Premiere.

Left:  Ky-ta doesn't want to leave Joseph. Jov'n warns her the Ast'rions are coming.

Right: The Ast'rions aren't coming...they're here!

Left:  The JF show no fear and blast the Ast'rions.

Right: They keep coming!

Left:  Jov'n throws up his engery field.

Right: The Ast'rions are all shook up.

Left:  Joseph wishes Ky-ta a safe journey home.

Right: Jov'n arrives

Left: Aliens, what will the neighbors think?

Right: Ky-ta gives Jov'n the high sign.

Left: Hit with the Oblivix.

Right: Cassie writes a note to herself.

Left: Jov'n tracks Cassie in the house. 

Right: An Oblivix for you too.