James Panetta's MERCS make its World Roku/Television debut the week of February 23rd on Maddy G TV!!!

Roku users please add Maddy G TV to your line-up, watch all the great shows, movies and MERCS on your TV!!!

This is only the beginning for Ikuzo Studios and Who Survives Productions!!! Next up will be Destiny - The Vampire Mermaid, The Unearthly Exchange Reboot and UFAC!!!


Will Destiny - The Vampire Mermaid finally jump off of the pages of Scary Monsters Magazine and into the homes of millions on a weekly basis?

The producers of Destiny TVM: The Series is in talks with the new outstanding cable Network I AM TV. If the project gains sponsors and enough feedback from the people Destiny should make her television debut very soon. Please help by visiting the I AM TV Facebook page and let them know you want to see,

Destiny The Vampire Mermard: The Series on I AM TV!!!

These promotional posters have been posted across Facebook!

After Destiny we hope MERCS, The Unearthly Exchange Reboot and of course UFAC will debut next on I AM TV.

UFAC/Destiny crossovers will happen on the shows also!!!



Left: Jesse Vaughn (Jade Lyn) is ready to learn and teach!

Right: Jesse learns from Joseph on how to be a Psychometrist.

Joining the James Foundation just in time for the next UFAC literary adventures is Miss Jade Lyn! Jade comes from the independent film "Wet Kiss" by RDS Productions. The JF is once again fully assembled.


Destiny (Debbie D) & Joseph James (Mike E. Pringle) holding all five SM Issues.

The Destiny/UFAC crossover story "Crossing Destiny" completed its run in issue #78 of Scary Monsters Magazine. Debbie and Mike came together at the Ikuzo Studios to do some additional promoting for the story.


Available Now Scary Monsters Issue #75!!!

UFAC makes its literary debut this month in Scary Monsters Magazine! The James Foundation meets Destiny - The Vampire Mermaid in the Destiny story "Crossing Destiny". This story begins in issue #75 and continues in future issues. Crossing Destiny should spearhead future encounters between the Sea Vampire and The James Foundation. This original story was written by Mike E. Pringle. The Who Survives in house proofreader was Evelyn Voura. She made sure every I was dotted and every T was crossed before the story was submitted to the magazine. Our Scary Monsters liaison was Destiny herself, Debbie D! She was really on the case and stuck with us until the story was finalized. Be sure to get your copy of Scary Monsters issue #75 today at Borders, Barnes and Noble or Scary Monsters directly.

             4/26/09   Philadel

Evelyn Voura as Tracy Lord in "The Philadelphia Story".

Evelyn Voura who plays First Umbor T'rbaar will star in the YCP TheaterWorks presentation of "The Philadelphia Story"! Our Evelyn plays Tracy Lord a young woman trapped in a vicious love triangle. The shows run three weekends in row starting May 1st. For complete details visit the site via this link...



Be sure to watch the new UFAC Clip on YouTube. Visit the Promo Videos page for the link. The clip is awesome!

We just began work on the UFAC spin-off series "The Edge of Infinity"! Here is an early promo poster. Click the picture for a larger version.

Marlee Zales in the middle as a Dzondarian Student.


In other news my web site "In Mike's Corner" had a major refit. Click the picture below to see the change.

Change is always good, but this change was for me!


Cowbell Films unleashed it's film. They shared the stage with the House of Ikuzo!

Right there on the marquee "Down With The Boogey"!

Jacob Knapp having fun with the crowd during the pre-show. He gave out some very generous prizes. Plus he opened the show with trailers of our work. That included a clip from the new UFAC. See pix & stills for the pictures.

Mike in the middle of Emily. Left Emily Cheney and on the right Emily Caruthers (Our Izu).


The Anime convention TandokuCon was in Philadelphia, Pa on November 9th, 10th and 11th. Ikuzo Studios and Who Survives was there promoting all of their projects. Such a Fighter's High, Saber, Unearthly Exchange and of course UFAC.

In character for the show. For UFAC Joseph James (MEP) and Debbie D as Destiny the Vampire Mermaid. This is to promote the upcoming crossover story "UFAC: Crossing Destiny".